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‘The Art of Breathing’

‘The Art of Breathing’

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"We can intentionally befriend the breath to great advantage. And that is what Danny Penman's beautifully tactile and invitingly pleasing and uplifting gift to us is all about." —Jon Kabat-Zinn You breathe 22,000 times every day. How many of those breaths are you really aware of? For thousands of years, people have used the art of breathing for equally profound effects on the mind and body. Here, international bestselling and award-winning author Dr. Danny Penman provides a concise guide to letting go and finding peace in a messy world, simply by taking the time to breathe. Dissolve anxiety, stress, and unhappiness, enhance your mind, and unleash your creativity with the simple exercises included. With each little moment of mindfulness, you’ll discover a happier, calmer you. Mindfulness really is as easy as breathing. Four color illustrations throughout make this a beautiful gift for others or oneself.

• Made in United States

• Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.5 in (14 x 19.1 cm)

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