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Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

Loftie Smart Alarm Clock

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Using a two-phase alarm system to match the way we really wake up, this alarm clock also features white noise, sound baths, breathwork, and stories to help you drift off to sleep. An optional app makes it super easy to set up, access new features, and use the Bluetooth speaker function.


  • White noise, sound baths, breathwork, and stories to help you fall asleep
  • Two-phase alarm clock offers natural, calm wake up
Materials & Construction
  • Made with Polycarbonate shell, steel top grill, and lithium-ion battery
  • Warm glow night light and Bluetooth speaker function
  • Backup battery included in case of power outage
  • Set-up and features available through companion app but can also be directly controlled by the alarm
  • Clean with a dry, soft cloth; If additional cleaning is needed, unplug and wipe down with a lightly damp cloth
  • Make sure Loftie is completely dry before plugging back in
  • Do not use household cleaners, solvents, or abrasives
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