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Crystal Singing Bowl, Approx. 35 cm (A)

Crystal Singing Bowl, Approx. 35 cm (A)

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Crystal singing bowls: The healing sound world of crystals

The beautiful crystal singing bowls are not only aesthetically appealing, but their effect can also be powerful instruments to promote harmony and balance. In recent years, they have gained popularity and are now an integral part of sound healing, yoga and meditation.

It is assumed that each key is connected to one of the seven main chakras and that the sound of a corresponding crystal singing bowl affects the respective chakra.

432 Hz crystal singing bowl approx. 34.5 cm (tone A):

This crystal singing bowl is considered to be connected to the brow chakra. The soft sounds are intended to promote greater clarity and spiritual insight. Their soft sounds should also strengthen intuition.

With clapper and silicone ring for positioning quartz crystal singing bowl different sizes and tonalities available


Weight: 13.89 lb (6.3 kg)

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