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‘Spiral Twist’ Candle

‘Spiral Twist’ Candle

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Ignite the ambiance with our Spiral Twist Candle - Unleashing Mesmerizing Elegance. These exquisite candles are meticulously crafted to elevate your space with their unique and captivating design. Inspired by the graceful twists of a spiral, each Spiral Twist Candle radiates a soothing and ambient glow, creating an atmosphere of mesmerizing elegance that enchants your senses.

PLEASE NOTE: As our candles are hand-poured, slight imperfections, air bubbles, and color variations may appear by nature. They may also come with small white marks known as ‘frosting’, which is a natural occurrence with coconut wax.

PRODUCT DETAILS: • Spiral Twist Candle • Crafted from unscented or scent natural soy wax • Naturally derived, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free • Meticulously handmade in our USA-based studio • Pillar Width 2.5cm Height: 19cm

• Made in United States • Product Language: English • Dimensions: 1 x 7.5 in (2.5 x 19 cm)


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